News: KodakCoin, FCA investigations, Ripple on TV, EU motion, Arizona blockchain veto

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  • The KodakCoin SAFT is go, apparently! I got a very dull email telling me they’d send me a link to buy KodakCoin futures from Cointopia. But it hasn’t come yet. Anyone else? I’d love screenshots of relevant pages, reports of what checking they do on accredited status, that sort of thing — please email. KodakCoin also released a full white paper last month, with no announcement. I finally obtained the January white paper that only went to selected journalists … and I’m working on a post about both, which will include the January white paper.



  • Ripple Labs altruistically donates $4m of XRP to a daytime TV celebrity — but remember, Ripple Labs totally has nothing to do with XRP, except of course for the extensive list of XRP-related things they’re up to their necks in.
  • If you want or have a US security clearance, trading in Bitcoin could be a problem for it. “The question is whether owning Bitcoins or lesser-known cryptocurrencies such as Ripple and Ethereum is an indicator of risky personal behavior.”
  • Eva Kaili’s bad EU Parliamentary Motion — which I dissected a few months ago — has passed committee. Thankfully it’s non-binding.
  • Arizona’s awful pro-cryptocurrency bill passed the legislature, but got vetoed by the governor.
  • Here’s a bitcoin “trader” talking about the sort of manipulation that just saw a Justice Department criminal probe — at 1:20, he asks “What is the problem of driving the prices up?” Gosh, maybe you could ask the CFTC. Oh, and this is the best time to buy Bitcoin.



  • BITCON: The Lose All Your Money Game! “Replicates bitcoin investing in a fast paced card game. You play the cryptocurrency market up and down like a roller coaster and try and not get stuck with too much bitcoin when the bubble pops.” No, we don’t expect they’ll exit scam the Kickstarter …



  • Nicholas Weaver: The Risks of Cryptocurrencies, in Communications of the ACM. “If Bitcoin is the ‘Internet of money,’ what does it say that it cannot be safely stored on an Internet connected computer?”


  • Janne M. Korhonen has expanded his excellent comment on my Proof-of-Work post into a full writeup of why Bitcoin is actively bad for renewable energy — inflexible demand, because miners have to run flat-out to compete. “For the foreseeable future, the cheapest source of steady 24/7 electricity supply will be coal or gas, except in few locations that are blessed with extremely abundant hydropower reserves.”







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    1. oh yeah, a couple of shi— minor altcoins had some problems with their bad code and/or lack of interest …

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