Get signed copies of Libra Shrugged and Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain!



I just got a box of copies of Libra Shrugged in — we can’t get out and about while Corona-chan continues prancing about on her pale horse, but I can probably get down the post office with signed copies!

I have both Libra Shrugged and Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain here. Why not get both?

The books are £13 each — or £25 the pair. Payment: via PayPal to (my wife’s PayPal). Sorry, no cryptos!

(Normally £14 each on Amazon — and that’s without the authentic authorial scribble to make these into paper-based non-fungible tokens.)

Postage and packing is:

  • UK: £6
  • Europe: £13
  • Rest of world: £16

Europe and rest-of-world are International Standard or Airmail with tracking — I always use tracking now, ‘cos too many parcels went missing.

If you’d like a copy or two — for yourself or someone else — email me at to make sure I have them in stock. (I get them from Amazon as author copies, but it can take a week or two.) Let me know who to dedicate them to, and where to send them.

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