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Meme of the day
Introducing Facebook Pay! Nothing to do with Libra, honest
Telegram responds to the SEC complaint about the Grams ICO
Of course I’m spending hours fiddling with writing tools instead of writing, what else would I be doing. I fail to get along with Scrivener
News: Libra stumbles on, Bitmex leaks customer list, Crypto Capital Corp arrest and indictment, Tether appeal, Blockchain for China, Kleiman v. Wright settlement fails, Telegram tokens delayed, UK tax for cryptos
What I’m up to this week
Keyword: Crypto podcast — David Gerard: Bitcoin is Hilarious Trash
News: Tether sued, ether is a commodity, proof of work is still awful, IRS releases incomprehensible guidance
Facebook and Libra’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week — everybody’s left, Dave
SEC blocks the Telegram ICO — what this means, and what happens now