Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

News: SEC vs crypto hedge fund, Garza sentenced, post-bubble office vacancies, EOS hack, ICOs sell off 238k ETH, David Chaum
My new house! Moving this week, service will be spotty
News: The SEC swings into action, Marshall Islands SOV, Papua New Guinea, new stablecoins, Indian crypto legality, R3 and Ripple settle, Star Xu of Okex detained, KodakCoin
Kathimerini (Greece) 9 Sep 2018, p22: Cryptocurrencies: innovation or “bubble”? — original English text
Kathimerini (Greece) 9 Sep 2018, p22: Cryptocurrencies: innovation or “bubble”?
News: Shapeshift KYC, Kraken Halifax shutdown, EU ICO rules, UK Blockchain APPG, Mone’s failed ICO, KodakOne, Ethereum analytics, Bitcoin crash, Laurie Penny doing the Crypto Cruise, Walch/Schuster recordings
First legally-mandated blockchain: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s spam call complaint database
News: CBOE Ether futures, the invisible Petro, Civil and Associated Press, BitFi hacked worse
Saïd Business School presents the astounding blockchain of the future! And not the mundane one of the present
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