Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

News: not Craig Wright’s bitcoins, how Tether flows, Goldman Sachs spurns Bitcoin, Calibra is now Novi
News: DRM on JPEG images on the blockchain, BlockFi user data breached, TornadoCash mixer goes full DAO, the plant cuttings asset bubble
Telegram ICO: most Russian investors take 72% payout, Telegram takes $500m of loans
News: 9 billion tethers, Reddit tokens, Kik is doomed, Singapore joins Libra, China’s CBDC — and J. K. Rowling asks about Bitcoin
Telegram gives up on the Telegram Open Network — and Free TON launches
Me on screen — “New Kids on the Blockchain” today, Finance Magnates web panel Monday, “Cryptopia” next Saturday
News: shuts down, Chinese CBDC test, new Libra member Heifer, North Korea does not dump its bitcoins
The dForce and Hegic DeFi exploits, and why Smart Contracts are bad
Me on Finance Magnates podcast with Rachel McIntosh — Libra, CBDCs, the Bitcoin trading market
Facebook’s Libra: national currency tokens, a new white paper — what this means