Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

News: US investors lose $1.7b on Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Cryptopia hack, QuadrigaCX founder/CEO dies, Tether timeline update
Brave web browser no longer claims to fundraise on behalf of others — so that’s nice
News: no crypto banking in India, SEC, Texas treats stablecoins as money transmission, cross-EU crypto rules, Bitmain CEOs step down, Tron is nonsense, Girlfriend on the Blockchain
KodakOne claims ONE MILLION DOLLARS of … hypothetical copyright-trolling income
News: Georgia state senator jailed over Bitcoin miners, Bitmain CEOs, stablecoin money laundering, FCA, Kleiman v. Wright, Deltec and Tether, notes from the crash
The Telegram ICO’s TON blockchain has questionable security, and will probably centralise
News: Bitmain fires half its employees and all of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Private exploit, Kleiman v. Wright proceeds
News: Brave browser’s opt-out “fundraising” for third parties, fallout from the Bitcoin and Ether price crash, Tether margin trading, UK tax guidance
News: Augur election bet, cuts staff, BCTerminal sues The Block, Razer Silver cryptominer scam
The “Bart” — sudden hundreds-of-Bitcoin pumps or dumps, to burn the margin traders