Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

IBM, the GDPR and “blockchain” — whatever that word specifically means
BattBump update — the project backs down on its claims, then cancels and vanishes
News: me at Intelligence Squared next Monday, Lightning Network 99% failure rate, Nvidia video card glut, Microsoft/EY blockchain, Reserve Bank of Australia, US Secret Service, art on the blockchain
BattBump — wireless phone-to-phone charging, on the blockchain
Initiative Q — a non-crypto private currency, marketed by pyramid scheme
News: Mt. Gox recovers, Bitcoin crashes, Bitfinex/Tether, Kaminska to Parliament, Hydro-Québec, TRON, EOS, Nano insecure keys
News: Crypto hedge funds suffer, bankers on crypto’s problems, what good payment networks look like, another Civil news outlet, EOS doesn’t work, PonzICO retrospective
That weird World Cup TV ad for Hdac’s Internet of Things on the Blockchain — what’s going on here
News: Rip Off Britain on Bitcoin, Tether in depth, Ethereum as non-security, blockchain not up to UK welfare, Apple kicks crypto apps, religion but on the blockchain
How To Launch A Successful ICO, 14 June 2018 — with me on the panel