Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

Oh, eMusic, no — don’t go blockchain! Another Kodak moment
Debunking “But Bitcoin is like the early Internet!”
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Synthestech offers “cold transmutation” alchemy on the blockchain. Plus UFOs.
News: Krebs on CoinHive, Ledger hardware hack, regulators vs ICOs, Sierra Leone, RIP Mavrodi, JPMorgan, RokoCoin
Woolf University: college courses literally on the Ethereum blockchain
Blockchain identity: Cambridge Analytica, but on the blockchain
News: Petro and Russia, illegal porn on the blockchain, Tether, Mt. Gox, Twitter bans crypto ads, NSA scans Bitcoin, Kodak earnings call, Sierra Leone election not on the blockchain
Send in the Tether clones: TrueUSD, a “USD-backed stable cryptocurrency”
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