Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

Filming in Vancouver about Quadriga
News: Hester Peirce and Bruce Springsteen, the $350,000 DeFi hack, FCoin exchange collapse, Voatz still bad, IOTA still broken, merchants still nonexistent
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce’s “safe harbor” proposal for ICOs will only enable scammers
News: IOTA, Massive Adoption, Mastercard v. Libra, DRM in JPEG plans, Reggie Fowler plea deal fails, more Silk Road busts, ICO grace period, the Bitcoin market
This is all Elizabeth Sandifer’s fault
News: Jacob Kostecki and Massive Adoption, Quadriga, Vodafone hangs up on Libra
Wikipedia Signpost: Crypto and bitcoins and blockchains, oh no!
Avant Card — a central bank digital currency from 1990s Finland
News: Craig Wright and the bonded courier, Reggie Fowler plea hearing, four Tether class actions, WB21, Boaz Manor and BCT, Cobinhood, Libra, Blockchain Creme
The revenge of Canada — crypto exchanges are put under securities regulation