News: SEC getting annoyed, KodakCoin ICO doesn’t launch, Samsung mining chips, crypto and your security clearance, an incompetent Ponzi

  • “When an ordinary person loses 10, 15, 25 grand, that makes a material difference in their lives and that’s bad,” says Jay Clayton, the head of the SEC, looking at cryptos and preparing his collection of sledgehammers, falling pianos and tons of bricks.
  • Kevin Roose at the New York Times rips the KodakCoin ICO to shreds, and includes a comically meaningless diagram from the white paper. Matt Levine from Bloomberg quotes select portions with commentary. No, nobody who entered their email address has received their “Lite Paper” as yet. The ICO won’t happen for “several weeks” while the company sorts through the 40,000 “potential investors expressing an interest in the ICO,” which presumably means “people who asked for the lite paper.”



  • An accountant with experience of both cryptocurrency and auditing calls BS on Bitfinex/Tether’s statement about its breakup with its auditors.


  • If you’ve bought the Google Play Books PDF of Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain — if you read it in the browser, does the “Download PDF” option work for you? Go to this page, select “My Books” at left, you should see it there — please click on the three vertical dots, see if downloading works for you and let me know.




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