News: UK Parliament Inquiry Friday, Monero and Ethereum vs ASICs, Bitfinex and Poland, Ripple tries to buy XRP onto exchanges
News: Petro and Russia, illegal porn on the blockchain, Tether, Mt. Gox, Twitter bans crypto ads, NSA scans Bitcoin, Kodak earnings call, Sierra Leone election not on the blockchain
Send in the Tether clones: TrueUSD, a “USD-backed stable cryptocurrency”
News: Kraken loses Japanese banking, Marshall Islands issues crypto, Québec vs miners, UK Labour vs cryptos, failed ICOs, Bitcoin usage declines, BTC Global

“The traditional banking partners that Kraken needs to work with are not able to keep up with the demands of the growing Bitcoin economy” — not Roger Ver, but what Kraken actually just claimed.
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News: Tether in the Netherlands and Puerto Rico, CoinHive thefts, CFTC pump-and-dump bounties, the market is stupid
Bitfinex’ed Twitter suspension, and Bitfinex and Tether updates

“Bitfinex’ed”‘s Twitter got blocked, and the Tether printer started up again, just in time for the crypto price pump! Plus Tether legal concerns, and a timeline of Bitfinex and Tether.
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News: SEC getting annoyed, KodakCoin ICO doesn’t launch, Samsung mining chips, crypto and your security clearance, an incompetent Ponzi
News: Bitfinex/Tether subpoena, AriseBank vs SEC, Facebook bans crypto ads
How to read a crypto market depth chart, and why people went “HOLY CRAP” at the overnight Tether chart
News: Coincheck hack, YouTube ads with crypto miners, Cobinhood exchange goes Tether-only