News: Zimbabwe crypto ban, crypto Lambos, Quinn DuPont, Bitmain and Circle with USD Coin, anime girls on the blockchain

  • Good news for Bitcoin in Zimbabwe! — the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe have banned it completely. Financial institutions have 60 days to stop working with cryptocurrency exchanges, or allowing account holders to trade in “virtual currencies.”
  • Actual Lambos sighted outside the Consensus blockchain convention in New York! — they were rented. “I never made money with crypto but I have ten lambos,” said Jon Nouri of Broadway Supercars, who rents Lamborghinis out for $1,000 a day. Cryptocurrency is “The Secret,” but on the blockchain. Dream it!
  • Quinn DuPont‘s book Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains has its page up on Polity Books, Wiley and Amazon UK, and will officially be released in December! Includes useful new original research, including actual blockchain success stories — such as the Walmart supply chain pilot where the blockchain bit added nothing, but the people on the ground took the opportunity to use the funding to modernise and digitise stuff that had been waiting years …
  • Bitcoin’s merchant story in 2018 — the experience of using Bitcoin to buy a shirt from Overstock. Overstock messed up the order, cancelled it, and told the customer he could collect his refund from Coinbase! A company he didn’t have an account with. Rather than just reinstating the order and sending him his shirt.
  • Bitcoin Cash is expanding into the void — FT Alphaville on B Cash (to use the project’s official logo stylisation) raising a number in the code from 8 megabytes to 32 megabytes, and never mind that their blocks rarely go over 100 kilobytes. Because nobody uses Bitcoin Cash, not even traders — OKex dropped Bitcoin Cash in March because of “inadequate liquidity.” The article doesn’t cover the new smart contract functionality, but I expect that’ll be worth writing up when someone does something useful with it. CryptoFelons?





  • Why Blockchain is Hard by Jimmy Song — a very good article on why “blockchain” is not widely applicable in business, and for the most part I heartily concur with it.
  • I found out the name of the routing problem the Lightning Network has to solve, to get money from arbitrary person A to arbitrary person B across a mesh of unknown connections of varying usability (liquidity) — the Canadian Traveller Problem. Finding the best path is PSPACE-complete.




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