NewMR: What is Blockchain: a primer for market researchers – Tuesday 20 November 2018
The Australian National Blockchain: centralised IBM “smart contracts” for lawyers — with no code yet, only concept
News: Bitcoin crashes, Tether wobbles, the mining business is not so great, Bail Bloc, Binance, Bitcoin Cash split
News: more coal-powered Bitcoin mining, Colorado vs. ICOs, Bitfinex withdrawal issues, the decline of “blockchain”
News: SEC busts EtherDelta, SWIFT not using RippleNet, another Galt’s Gulch scam, Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi again
Blockchain: Magic (Probably) Doesn’t Happen — How to sell a hash tree as a tech revolution — Royal Holloway, Thursday 4 October 2018
Royal Institution, Monday 24 September 2018, 7pm: Blockchain: hope or hype?

The Royal Institution is running a blockchain panel, Blockchain: Hope Or Hype? with me as last-second drop-in moderator. Speakers are John Domingue of the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University, and Sajida Zouarhi from Consensys. Come along and ask pointed questions!
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First legally-mandated blockchain: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)’s spam call complaint database
Saïd Business School presents the astounding blockchain of the future! And not the mundane one of the present
The JPEG Committee is “exploring Blockchain” — to put DRM into JPEG