“Welcome to the Blockchain”: my slides from Berenberg’s “Blockchain: From Hype To Reality”
Oh, eMusic, no — don’t go blockchain! Another Kodak moment
Debunking “But Bitcoin is like the early Internet!”
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Blockchain identity: Cambridge Analytica, but on the blockchain
Leaked: A bad EU motion promoting blockchains coming up for vote — contact your MEPs

The EU Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) is voting on a motion that’s a compendium of every spurious hypothetical blockchain use case they could find — so it’s worth answering in full. Contact your MEPs as well.
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Do you need a Blockchain? Probably less than Wüst and Gervais think you do

Wüst and Gervais’ paper “Do you need a Blockchain?” is pretty good, but goes a bit far in claiming use cases for blockchains. You’ll basically never need a so-called “permissioned blockchain.”
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Kodak pt 4: Kerrisdale Capital’s blistering crypto pre-mortem for Kodak
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