City A.M.: “Approach Blockchain with Caution” — as text
City A.M.: “Approach Blockchain with Caution” by me
Eddie Hughes MP on why the UK needs a Chief Blockchain Officer … whatever a “blockchain” is
IBM, the GDPR and “blockchain” — whatever that word specifically means
News: Me on launching an ICO, SEC on ICOs, CFTC subpoenas exchanges, KodakCoin and NBA/NHL, 51% attacks, Mona Lisa on the blockchain, EOS security, York retrospective
YouGov Direct’s “GDPR-compliant” blockchain — GDPR-laundering as a service
West Virginia’s Voatz blockchain voting pilot … is another single-user blockchain as a database
News: Zimbabwe crypto ban, crypto Lambos, Quinn DuPont, Bitmain and Circle with USD Coin, anime girls on the blockchain
“Welcome to the Blockchain”: my slides from Berenberg’s “Blockchain: From Hype To Reality”
Oh, eMusic, no — don’t go blockchain! Another Kodak moment