News: Me in Athens on Sunday, Australian ICO inquiry, Ripple, QuadrigaCX, enterprise blockchain, JPMorgan Coin
NewMR: What is Blockchain: a primer for market researchers – Tuesday 20 November 2018
The Australian National Blockchain: centralised IBM “smart contracts” for lawyers — with no code yet, only concept
News: Bitcoin crashes, Tether wobbles, the mining business is not so great, Bail Bloc, Binance, Bitcoin Cash split
News: more coal-powered Bitcoin mining, Colorado vs. ICOs, Bitfinex withdrawal issues, the decline of “blockchain”
News: SEC busts EtherDelta, SWIFT not using RippleNet, another Galt’s Gulch scam, Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi again
Blockchain: Magic (Probably) Doesn’t Happen — How to sell a hash tree as a tech revolution — Royal Holloway, Thursday 4 October 2018
Royal Institution, Monday 24 September 2018, 7pm: Blockchain: hope or hype?

The Royal Institution is running a blockchain panel, Blockchain: Hope Or Hype? with me as last-second drop-in moderator. Speakers are John Domingue of the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University, and Sajida Zouarhi from Consensys. Come along and ask pointed questions!
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First legally-mandated blockchain: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)’s spam call complaint database
Saïd Business School presents the astounding blockchain of the future! And not the mundane one of the present