News: NY Attorney General exchange inquiry, LocalBitcoins KYC, Baidu copies KodakOne, Cambridge Analytica on the blockchain, coal-fired followup

  • New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sent inquiry letters to 13 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, as part of a virtual currencies market integrity initiative. Here’s the questionnaire. Many are not under New York state jurisdiction, but hey, why not ask nicely. Hopefully they’ll all still exist by deadline:



  • But then, who could ever think that Bitcoin trading was ridiculously manipulated? The price does a Bart Simpson pattern:



  • The UK Treasury Committee Digital Currencies inquiry deadline has been extended to Monday 30 April 2018! Skeptics, get your submission in — I understand they’ve been flooded with submissions from ardent Bitcoin fans, but what they’re after here is well-considered quality. Submissions from outside the UK are welcomed too.
  • Baidu is launching Totem, which appears to be a direct copy of Kodak’s ridiculous KodakOne initiative — a stock photo site which uses artificial intelligence to scour the web for copyright violations, and which will “initiate online rights lawyers” to resolve disputes. On a Blockchain — to be called Pic-Chain — for some reason.



  • Hey, parents of children ages six and up! Have you recently awoken in a cold sweat, thinking that physical money and the existing global financial order are coming to a swift end and you need to turn your little family into a “micro-financing network?”







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