News: NY Attorney General exchange inquiry, LocalBitcoins KYC, Baidu copies KodakOne, Cambridge Analytica on the blockchain, coal-fired followup
Oh, eMusic, no — don’t go blockchain! Another Kodak moment
News: Me at Intelligence Squared, MailChimp bans crypto, ICOs suing over ad bans, Reddit drops Bitcoin, Bitfinex avoids Petro, Sichuan demolishes hydro, bad blockchain laws, Wall Street not so blockchain
Synthestech offers “cold transmutation” alchemy on the blockchain. Plus UFOs.
News: Krebs on CoinHive, Ledger hardware hack, regulators vs ICOs, Sierra Leone, RIP Mavrodi, JPMorgan, RokoCoin
Woolf University: college courses literally on the Ethereum blockchain
News: don’t pay ransomware, China, Japan, ICO plagiarism, fake exchange volume, cryptid-currency
Kodak pt 5: KodakCoin ICO Light Paper finally released!
News: Kraken loses Japanese banking, Marshall Islands issues crypto, Québec vs miners, UK Labour vs cryptos, failed ICOs, Bitcoin usage declines, BTC Global

“The traditional banking partners that Kraken needs to work with are not able to keep up with the demands of the growing Bitcoin economy” — not Roger Ver, but what Kraken actually just claimed.
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ICO tokens won’t fix journalism either, and certainly not with company scrip