News: UK Parliament Inquiry Friday, Monero and Ethereum vs ASICs, Bitfinex and Poland, Ripple tries to buy XRP onto exchanges

  • The deadline for UK Parliament’s Digital Currencies Inquiry is THIS FRIDAY, 13 APRIL! Get your submission in!





  • It’s important to remember that behind Bitcoin’s big, stupid, obvious major flaws, it has many more layers of stupid major flaws. It’s not brought up so often these days — because Bitcoin is never going to take over from fiat, and people only care about “number go up” — but Bitcoin economics are dumb as hell. As is their vision for society.
  • Erin Griffith, Wired: How to be a Bitcoin thought leader. “The secret of thought leadership, though, is that it’s built on a flimsy foundation of buzzwords and a sufficient lack of shame. Yes, even you, with the 53 Twitter followers, could probably convince someone of your crypto clairvoyance. The trick is to study the writings and blog posts of the people who do this professionally. And we’ve done that for you! Steal shamelessly, and maybe you’ll finally have something to say.”
  • Saifedean Ammous’ forthcoming book The Bitcoin Standard is bad about Bitcoin — but Frances Coppola’s review details how bad it is about economic history, too. But then, the badness is orthodoxy for the Austrian school, his target audience.




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