News: Bitfinex warrant canary disappears, Hyperledger loses members, Kik vs CryptoKitties



  • Also, another 100 million Tethers have been created, in two batches. I’m sure it’s all fine, fine.



  • Companies who aren’t IBM are not so keen on Hyperledger any more, “according to slides titled ‘member attrition’ from a board meeting presentation held on Friday.” Note the important point: “Despite the excitement, blockchain is not yet used to run any large scale projects.”
  • I like Matt Levine’s summary of Bitcoin from late November: Bitcoin is finance, distilled. “There are no fundamentals, no cash flows or price-earnings ratios, to evaluate. It is pure speculation about speculation, a Keynesian beauty contest where all the pictures are blank.” Bitcoin’s greatest legacy will be as an example for later textbooks.



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