NewMR: What is Blockchain: a primer for market researchers – Tuesday 20 November 2018


This was my back-to-basics “what actually is a blockchain?” talk, this time tuned to market researchers.

Market research involves a lot of personal data — so I added a bit about GDPR issues, and the dangers of thinking that just hashing the personal data is enough. And the promises of personal-data-laundering you’ll hear when someone’s trying to sell you market research software based on a blockchain.

It’s 47 minutes total. 24 minutes is the presentation, and the rest is the question session at the end — always my favourite bit, I love hearing people’s questions.

The sound is clear enough to understand — though I had to do it by phone, because we couldn’t get a good connection over the Zoom software. But it worked okay.

Thanks to Ray Poynter of NewMR for organising this!

The slides are up on Slideshare, and here’s the PDF.


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