News: Coinbase payout trouble, CFTC vs CME and CBOE Bitcoin futures, Bitfinex and Bitfinexed

  • By the way, someone has spammed “Bitfinexed”‘s Twitter account with 12,000 fake followers. “I’ve been assured the Twitter bot accounts are 100% backed by real people. Audit is in progress.” — Steve Saleeba

Book news:

  • There’s supposed to be a Kindle Monthly Deal on Amazon India this month to get Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain for INR 103.5, down from the usual INR 414. I couldn’t find it, but you may want to have a look …
  • Don’t forget to get a copy of the book for your aged parents for Christmas, so they know to shiv the crypto salesman who’s come to talk to their retiree group!
  • At least Amazon’s figured out my taste this well:

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