Crypto collapse: New Sam Bankman-Fried charges, New York targets CoinEx, Coinbase losses, Voyager, Celsius

Our latest on the decline and fall of crypto! This one’s over at Amy’s blog. [Amy Castor]

In this issue:

  • Yet more criminal charges against SBF
  • The New York Attorney General goes after CoinEx. Why?
  • Coinbase’s 10-K for 2022. They can’t help but taunt the SEC.
  • FTX fallout, Voyager, Celsius
  • Regulators worldwide tighten the screws

“Sam Bankman-Fried walks into the courtroom. his pants split with a sound like thunder and guns and cocaine spill out all over the floor. he spins around and punches a security officer hard in the face sending him flying. he turns, sits down calmly on his chair and says, to thunderous applause from the fans gathered to hear his famous catchphrase, ‘OK your honour, here’s what I think happened’” — Hammerite



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