FTX Bahamas vs. John Jay Ray, Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty, DoJ seizes FTX assets

It’s Amy’s turn, so this one is over on her blog. [Amy Castor]

In today’s episode: Sam Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty. If he doesn’t reach some sort of plea deal, then the trial’s scheduled for October.

But the real story is the shenanigans in the Bahamas, where the Securities Commission of the Bahamas and the Joint Provisional Liquidators seem to be positing FTX Digital Markets as the operating centre of FTX — when it was just a minor entity in one country.

John Jay Ray’s team has filed an incendiary motion objection detailing the shenanigans, and asking the judge to tell the Bahamas entities to just bugger off.

Also, the Department of Justice seized a pile of FTX Bahamas bank accounts and crypto assets  — and SBF’s shares in Robinhood.

Image: an NFT that actually has artistic merit.



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