The Decrypt Daily podcast — David Gerard Talks New Book on Facebook’s Libra

We recorded this yesterday afternoon, and it’s up already! Another podcast with Matthew Aaron, who is now doing Decrypt’s official Decrypt Daily podcast. [Soundcloud; Soundcloud]

Our last podcast, a couple of years ago, went through Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain chapter-by-chapter. This one talks about Libra Shrugged and the history of Facebook’s Libra project. I get stuck into Mark Zuckerberg’s terrible track record on privacy, and why you should worry whenever Facebook announces something huge.

The first several minutes is crypto news of the day, my segment starts after that. Again, this came out well — Matthew knows how to do a tight podcast. You’ll enjoy it.

I’m looking through the list of the half an hour every day of fresh talk radio content that Matthew puts out, and I’m boggling that he manages it at quality …

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