Keyword: Crypto podcast — David Gerard: Bitcoin is Hilarious Trash


It’s podcast weekend! Yesterday I recorded an hour with Keyword: Crypto — and it’s already up!

It’s in the well-known podcast genre “three blokes rambling in the presence of a microphone.” Starting off with me and the book, and getting more into the problems with crypto and the space. We cut it off at an hour, ‘cos no-one’s got time for more than that.

(If the player app isn’t convenient, here’s the direct download for the mp3.)


I also recorded a “What Is Crypto?” podcast this afternoon with Michael Nye — just a quick 20-minute thing — that should be out early November.


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One Comment on “Keyword: Crypto podcast — David Gerard: Bitcoin is Hilarious Trash”

  1. 37:00 The standard of “bartering is anything that doesn’t use an artificially valued thing” isn’t terrible, but it seems … complicated. Because then any NON-reserve currency ends up being virtually indistinguishable from barter definitionally. Bahamian dollars are no different than Tide bottles, and one could even pretty clearly argue that any gold standard currency is barter at least if the population is allowed to own gold.

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