What I’m up to this week

I’ve taken a week off work specifically to write stuff — sit down, open laptop, don’t play Angry Birds. (Well, less Angry Birds.) So far it’s been going well.

(It’s half-term too, so I’ll also be spending quality time with the offspring. Today we went out and bought the kid a book, and the loved one got a Tab A 2019, which is actually noticeably lighter and much thinner than our current Tab A 2016’s. A 5GB/month data SIM on Vodafone would have been £15 a month, and the tablet upgrade was £17 a month — I figure £48 over two years for a £200 tablet is a pretty good deal. Never do your upgrades online, always go into the shop if you can.)

I don’t promise a lot of blog posts this week — because I’m writing something comprehensive on the short and disastrous history of Libra, such as it is.

I may end up with a short book, I may end up with a series of posts. ($5-and-up patrons will get the lot, of course!) If it’s a book, it won’t be a hilarious saga of dumb criminals like Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain — just a slab of finance journalism, which I’ll then have the task of keeping interesting.

I spent Sunday until today reading literally every article in the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal on Libra — the iterative process of reading a few thousand words and getting maybe a sentence out of it. Total output so far: about 4,000 words of first draft book-quality fragments.

Next up: literally every article on Libra in Bloomberg, Reuters, the New York Times and the BBC. Then contacting Facebook to see if I can get them to talk to me …

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