News: QuadrigaCX claims process starts, Bitfinex/Tether letters, LedgerX doesn’t launch futures, BitTorrent Token is useless, Craig Wright loses defamation action, Bitcoin SV three-way split

The QuadrigaCX saga shudders on — the court has approved a CDN$1.1 million payment in fees for the accountants and lawyers, saying that Ernst & Young “has been diligent” in dredging through this mess. Here’s the order.

The process to claim your losses from the collapse of QuadrigaCX has officially started. Creditors have until 31 August to get their claims in. Here’s the official Instruction Letter.



iFinex (Bitfinex/Tether) have written to the judge about how difficult and expensive submitting the documents requested by the NY Attorney General would be, intimating they’re ready to appeal his decision if he doesn’t throw out the NY AG’s action. The NY AG points out that the documents requested from iFinex should be “at its fingertips.”

Roger Ver is launching a new crypto exchange focusing on Bitcoin Cash — a Tether-based exchange, of course, with no actual money in sight.

North Korea finds a use case for Bitcoin! — hacking banks and crypto exchanges for $2 billion.



LedgerX announced that its physical bitcoin futures had launched! It turns out that LedgerX jumped the gun — the CFTC did not approve the futures (they approved swaps but not futures), they told CEO Paul Chou to delete his announcement tweet, the CEO threatened to sue the CFTC for “anti competitive behavior, breach of duty, going against the regs, etc.,” and the press officer quit the company. “Basically, it’s just a total technicality that a swap and a future are different things,” Chou told CoinDesk.



Tron bought BitTorrent, Inc, and started a BitTorrent Token (BTT) to reward uTorrent users who seed files! Sadly, the BTT is near worthless, and not worth trying to earn. The BitTorrent protocol itself remains unaffected. “Over the past three days I have earned 12 BTT ($0.009). I spent more on electricity than I earned BTT.”

KODAKOne (of KODAKCoin fame) claims it’s generating actual non-imaginary revenue now — for “more than 22 customers,” which presumably means 23. No mention of KODAKCoin therein.

Universities still think students would make good suckers for crypto and blockchain nonsense. Here’s MIT Media Lab trying it on. Curtin University in Western Australia is just desperate enough for cash to accept cryptos to fund Ph. Ds.

Craig Wright has been suing people who called him a “fraud.” Unfortunately, a UK court just threw out his suit against Roger Ver — mostly for lack of jurisdiction, but also because “there is no evidence at all of any actual reputational harm that the Claimant has suffered.” Wright also had to pay Ver £60,000 in legal costs. Ver has kindly offered to accept a court proceeding on the matter in the US — per paragraph 54 of the decision — where Wright would have a considerably greater burden of proof to win a defamation suit.

Bitcoin SV mined a 210 megabyte block on Saturday, and promptly split into three separate chains. This is actually good news for Bitcoin SV 1, Bitcoin SV 2 and Bitcoin SV 3. The new huge block size — increased on 24 July from 128 megabytes to 2 gigabytes — is shaking off the small-timers, with Ryan X. Charles’ Money Button no longer able to run a node. Bitcoin SV: a data-centre-to-data-centre electronic cash system.

David S.H. Rosenthal: “I was asked to deliver Blockchain: What’s Not To Like? version 3.0 to a Department of Defense conference-call.”


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