News: Intelligence Squared podcast, SEC rejects Bitcoin ETF, eMusic are broke, Ethereum ponzis incompetent as well as bad, Brock Pierce on Australian TV

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  • You should definitely read the submissions to the SEC, by the way — the plaintive pleas of Matt Gustafson (“I have lost over 70% of my liquidity over the time I keep putting money into crypto because it makes sense”), or the twisty maze of footnotes from Ken Kauffleman.
  • Jake Chervinsky explains why the SEC will probably reject the VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETF as well — but not until February 2019.
  • eMusic, the web-based record shop that are doing an ICO, are out of money and can’t pay their bills — in news that surprises nobody, swathes of songs keep disappearing from their shop because they keep not paying the labels they’re distributing. The next question is whether they can keep the lights on until their ICO token sale, which is scheduled for Q4 2019.
  • Cryptocurrency TRON — previously most famous for plagiarising their white paper and code from Ethereum — finalise their acquisition of BitTorrent, Inc. This doesn’t affect the protocol or casual users. “Aside from a few confused uTorrent users, who feared that their clients would turn into cryptocurrency miners, the issue has not been widely discussed.”



  • A Microsoft/Queen Mary University post on how to do GDPR on a blockchain — though all their solutions are hypothetical. I get quoted, though.
  • Andreas Brekken’s Lightning Network test — parts two, three and four. “I look forward to trying it again once the technology matures.”








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