News: Poloniex reverification, Asus 20 video card motherboard, TRON buys BitTorrent, lots of security issues

  • Poloniex was bought by Circle in February, and is re-verifying everyone’s Know Your Customer identification … and you can’t have your money until you can verify yourself. “As soon as you submit this information, we will take steps to verify it and re-enable trading and transactions for your account. Please rest assured that your funds remain safe and accounted for while you complete this process.”



  • Emin Gün Sirer’s Choose-Your-Own-Security-Disclosure-Adventure! “Almost every project I know, some worth many many billions, is being run as if it’s Billy Bob’s Software Shack and Associated Slack Channel of Speculators and Online Mob.”
  • With the various 51% attacks against Verge and Bitcoin Gold in recent weeks — here’s the cost to 51% attack various coins. Most of these coins cost very little to attack. Even Bitcoin would cost only $647,837 (as I write this) for a one-hour attack.



  • David Rosenthal on the crypto miners: “Despite all the hype about decentralized cryptocurrencies, they aren’t. They are dependent upon the self-restraint of a small number of dominant players, who could at any time blow the system up, but don’t want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.”
  • Why the real financial system will never use cryptocurrency for serious transactions: the assumption that bad transactions are reversible goes really quite a long way up.
  • Podcast 2 from HARKII, on Isaac Mao and Musicoin, a musical blockchain initiative. Musicoin is its own blockchain, not a token. I’m not convinced by the pitch, but he’s sincere, he’s got a small community going, and he’s realistic about scaling issues and that decentralisation is functionally a myth.
  • I got an Ethereum scammer at last! (Not hard, seems all you need to do is answer a @VitalikButerin tweet.)


if CNBC put conflict-of-interest ownership disclaimers on its crypto coverage, they’d be as long as the article itself.
Also you should TOTALLY buy [altcoin-of-the-week]
(next week: said coin crashes)







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