Book news: discounted on Kindle this month, first CreateSpace book in New York Review of Books, IT’S OVER 5000 sold

The book is discounted on Kindle this month — £1 off on Amazon UK, $1 off on Amazon US, and cheaper on most of the other Kindle stores. I’m not sure why, but tell your friends and colleagues!

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I was surprised that a self-published book got a review in the New York Review of Books at all — but as far as I, and Johanna Rodgers, can tell, it’s the first book self-published through CreateSpace to rate such a thing. (If you Google “createspace”, it’s the only review — the rest are advertisements in their independent press listing section.)



With the Kodak publicity and then the Bitcoin price crash, sales went over 5000. That’s a lot for a self-published book. If you’re curious, that breaks down: 1357 paperbacks, 3407 Kindle, 97 SmashWords, 104 Draft2Digital, 57 Google Play. Thank you all, and keep telling everyone you know!

If your relatives really won’t stop talking about Bitcoin, by the way, you can probably take their head off with a single swing if you put an edge on the paperback. Of course, two more heads will spring forth. Both telling you about Bitcoin.




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