News: KodakCoin, Hydro-Québec, South Korea, Bitcoiners don’t take Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum woes

  • I added this to part two of the Kodak saga, but I’ll note it here as well: Ars Technica discovered that the KodakCoin ICO is actually a relaunch of a previous failed paparazzi-photographer-based ICO that WENN Digital were floating — and that they may have been founded in November in order to float.
  • A pile of people, including me, have requested the KodakCoin “Lite Paper.” So far I don’t know of any who have received it. Have you? Do you have a copy you could put up? Or email me a copy so I can. Thank you!
  • China is kicking out the Bitcoin miners as more of its hydroelectric power joins the national grid. Hydro-Québec doesn’t seem to be hooked into Canada’s very well, though, as they’re actively recruiting crypto miners to make up for their considerable spare capacity now that household customers are using less power and putting up their own solar for what they do use.
  • The currency of the future, in action:


  • But don’t worry, we’ll have the Lightning Network on the main network soon! Frances Coppola analyses the frankly ridiculous economics of the Lighting Network, based on what we have publicly available so far. If any LN proponents want to object, please point me to official or semi-official writeups of the LN’s anticipated economics in practice.
  • It’s occasionally relevant to keep in mind that Ethereum is, in technical terms, a shambling pile of code that sort of works. The proof-of-stake testing is not going so well either — workable PoS remains an unsolved problem, and should be treated like any other blockchain hypothetical.
  • This is the most audaciously statist argument yet seen from a Bitcoin captain of industry:



  • Everyone’s sent me today, an app that nobody who thinks it’s a good idea will ever have reason to use. I’ll hand this one over to Twitter:



  • The BBC asked for a quote on Kodak. I sent back five lines of soundbites expecting they’d use one, and they used three. With the name of the book, which makes my day every time. Then a pile of other media around the world straight-up lifted my quotes from the BBC article. Mostly with the name of the book! Inc., La Tribune, Conseiller, Zoznam, Ilta-Sanomat, FactorICO Examiner … Except the Telegraph, which quoted me from my Twitter. I’ll need to write more quotably there.


  • And now, it’s London in January so it’s nothing but weather here:





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5 Comments on “News: KodakCoin, Hydro-Québec, South Korea, Bitcoiners don’t take Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum woes”

  1. Got any sources on how Quebecers don’t consume as much energy as before and they’re all going to solar? Solar panels in the winter must be a pain in the ass to keep clear of snow. All I see in the article is the mention that the mineurs de bites will use 70% of *future expansions* to capacity.

    As I said on reddit, I’m torn between wanting the Province to make money off miners’ back, and not wanting Hydro-Québec to subsidize le minage de bites.

    1. That’s the only source I had, I didn’t dive in further … Surely in North America there’s anyone else who they could sell power to …

  2. Quick question: What is “brazil.txt”?

    Regarding “greece.txt”, I find it amusing but choose to read it as a parody written by someone who’s not an anarcho-capitalist themselves.

      1. and don’t you wish you hadn’t looked. I left it unlinked as a mercy.

        “the Donald Trump of erotica” – a friend who insisted I link him to it, shortly before clawing his own eyes out

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