News: Hong Kong, SEC and ICOs, Ethereum roadmap, the Bitcoin bank run, CryoGen recommend my article

  • The Bitcoin bank run: the trouble with taking a number like “market cap” seriously is that as the Bitcoin price — a number decided on the last few trades — goes up, the number of dollars already in the system doesn’t. When people think “welp, that’s it for this bubble, time to cash out” … how many exchanges will have the cash on hand — “dollar liquidity which, I am reliably informed, is provided by mainstream commercial banks on a very short-term basis at very high rates” — to pay them out? Preston J. Byrne wonders.
  • In which the CryoGen ICO tweets my article about how the thing they’re offering literally can’t work, saying it’s a great introduction for prospective customers. “It can definitely answer most of your questions about our project.” Maybe they thought the bit about space travel by 2022 hadn’t been getting enough attention.

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