News: Bitcoin Diamond, 4m BTC lost, Russia vs Bitcoin, automated hack attacks

  • Another free money fork: Bitcoin Diamond (BCD). The BitcoinTalk announcement says BCD is “proof of stake”. You get 10 BCD for every existing BTC. They offer encryption of balances, 8 megabyte blocks and SegWit. Their comparison chart still includes SegWit2x (B2X). They claim a pile of exchanges. The developers are listed as “007”, “Evey” and “?”, which definitely engenders complete trust in me. The GitHub link doesn’t go anywhere and the Facebook page isn’t active. The Twitter works. Bitcoin Diamond futures are already alleged to have a price.
  • Nikolay Nikiforov, Russia’s Minister for Communications and Mass Media, says Russia is unlikely to legalise Bitcoin. “However, I think that it is quite possible to use blockchain technology and the use of various digital tokens,” e.g., cryptorubles. Maybe.
  • Anyone with a website who looks at their logs knows automated exploit attempts happen continuously. These include attacks scanning for Bitcoin wallet files. Some attacks even try the JSON-RPC interface for Ethereum, which should be open only locally but frequently isn’t — and if you can get into it, you can move funds around without authenticating yourself.

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