News: Single source of most Ethereum transactions, exchange execs can’t leave China, Tim Swanson, Spoofy at GDAX

  • I thought the increase in Ethereum transactions over 2017 was mostly new ICO interest. Although some ICOs (e.g., Bancor and Status) did flood the network, it turns out most of the increase was a single huge Ethereum mixer. Without this single entity, Ethereum wouldn’t be having any transaction clogs. (Vitalik Buterin is not convinced; the researchers respond to Vitalik.)
  • Another “Spoofy” — someone acting very like the fake-positions bot on Bitfinex that places orders it doesn’t intend to fulfill in order to manipulate the market — has shown up on GDAX. Here’s a video of GDAX Spoofy caught live in action. “I want to be clear that I do not feel Spoofy is one entity nor a concerted effort, but rather it is market manipulation by numerous participants. They don’t always work together, but I am certain they are aware of one another.”



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