2 thoughts on “Wikia kills Uncyclopedia”

  1. These supposed “discussions” to “merge the Wikia content” are fictional. They don’t exist.

    Instead, where communities have forked, there are now two versions of the same project… in English (uncyclopedia.ca vs. en.uncyclopedia.co), in Russian (absurdopedia.wiki vs. absurdopedia.net) and maybe in Polish (nonsa.pl vs. nonsensopedia.miraheze.org).

    The mess of incompatible licences, where Wikia created a wiki that was supposedly “Uncyclopedia in language xx:” but on an incompatible licence (CC-BY-SA vs. CC-BY_NC_SA), the wrong userlist (Uncyclopedia’s userlist in English was separate from Wikia’s until 2015), the wrong domain (*.wikia.com instead of xx.uncyclopedia.org) and with a mess of intrusive advertising? The worst of those problems will still be with those projects now that they’ve been moved to non-Wikia hosting.

    I’d hesitate to even try to run scripts like Pywikibot’s interwiki.py or interwikidata.py on this mess, as the ‘bot would find inter-language link codes that work on one wiki in the set but not another – and then promptly shut down. Uncyclopedia is a herd of cats at best, and the damage done by Wikia over the years has only left the project more fragmented than ever.

    To add insult to injury? Desciclopédia (Brazil) and Uncyclopedia (Ansaikuropedia, Japan) are top-50000 websites by Alexa rank, but anything that used to be Wikia isn’t in the top quarter-million. A whole mess of inbound links are pointing not to the “new” projects but to Wikia, which is profiting from the situation by claiming (misleadingly) that Uncyclopedia is defunct to try to drive traffic, users and editors to other FANDOOM projects which are not Uncyclopedias but are competitors for traffic.

    I’ve seen no real improvement in the Alexa scores for communities who should’ve benefitted from Wikia severing ties to Uncyclopedia and can only surmise that the duplicate content penalties are all very much still in place, long after the infringing content is gone from Wikia.

  2. There was a lot of talk about merging, but the spokesperson for uncyclopedia.co’s technical team informed us that the plan was actually to host Wikia Uncyclopedia on the same server as uncyclopedia.co but keep it separate… anyway, that didn’t happen either. Instead we ended up on independent hosting and the domain uncyclopedia.ca. The story behind that is here: https://risteq.net/wikis/2019-eviction-uncyclopedia.php

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