RT@Ofsted: “Primary schools to teach Twitter and Wikipedia.”

THE MEMORY HOLE, Jim Callaghan Primary, Wednesday (NNN) — Primary school pupils should learn how to blog and use internet sites like Twitter and Wikipedia and spend less time studying history, says a review of the primary school curriculum in England by Sir Jim Rose of Ofsted.

Students will also be required to familiarise themselves with podcasts, the iTunes store, the Pirate Bay, b3ta and 4chan. They will gain fluency in handwriting and keyboard skills and learn how two use a spell chequer proper Lee. Literature classes will involve young adult novels written entirely in txt spk.

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Flagged revisions and living biographies.

I spent Sunday through this morning doing Wikimedia stuff. (I have flu, but you know this doesn’t require coherent thought.) Mostly relating to flagged revisions on en:wp (status: awaiting a more robust and supported proposal — 59:41 is an insufficiently convincing majority) and biographies of living people. I suggest reading that last link and joining the discussion on foundation-l.

It’s amazing how much time it uses and how little sense one can have of things actually pushing forward. Wikipedia is the size of a small city. You know how hard it is herding five volunteers? Try getting ten thousand to do any particular thing.