Haunted violin for sale!

* may not in fact actually be haunted in any way whatsoever

Arkady is selling her rather nice antique violin. Not in fact haunted, but sounds luvverly.

German, made in the 1860s. The original manufacturer is unknown, as there are no manufacturer’s marks anywhere either outside or inside the instrument. It is in excellent condition; one string has unfortunately snapped but otherwise it is quite playable and has a sweet mellow tone.

It has an “artificially distressed” finish that is deliberate – as you can see from close inspection, the markings are beneath the varnish, which is original and untouched. There is some wear to the finish around the bridge and on the back which is the result of over a century of use – this is no mere ornamental instrument, but a well-played one!

The violin will come complete with all you see here – violin, bow, Stentor case and block of rosin. It is sold “as is”; it is a full-sized instrument suitable for orchestral use. It needs only a new set of strings and tuning in to be fully playable. Whether you’re looking for the ideal instrument for a serious student, an orchestral violin or just something sweet-sounding for folk music, this could be the perfect instrument for you!

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