New book! Libra Shrugged: How Facebook’s dream of controlling the world’s money crashed and burned – released 2 Nov 2020

It’s another blockchain book! Except it’s really about that time when Facebook tried to take over the money, and the world stood up and said “yeah, ah, no way.”

Silicon Valley tries to disrupt the world — and the world finally tells them “no.”

Facebook: the biggest social network in the world, with intimate influence over its users’ lives. A stupendous, world-shaping success.

But governments were on Facebook’s case over privacy, abuse of personal data, election-rigging and fake news.

In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg wondered: what if Facebook could pivot to finance? Or, better: what if Facebook started its own private world currency?

Facebook could have so much power that governments couldn’t annoy them any more. It would be the Silicon Valley dream.

Going live 2 November 2020. w00t! Kindle first, paperback and probably audiobook to follow.

The book site is here (please spread this URL):