PR industry: “Our bad actions are Wikipedia’s fault.”

Fig. 1: Your client’s reputation when you get busted.

Yet another PR agency is blatantly busted doing the thing we patiently warn them against over and over, with the consequences we warn them of over and over.

The apparently-unanimous industry response, per PR Week: “It’s all Wikipedia’s fault, they should make it easier for us to spin.”

PRCA in particular appear to have turned their opinion 180° since June, when they heartily endorsed the CIPR/WMUK guidelines.

Guys, this really doesn’t help your case.

(CIPR have strongly dissented. PR Week didn’t get around to asking them.)

“it does get to the heart of the accuracy and lack of control of social media” – yeah, it’s accurate and you don’t control it. — Denny de la Haye

Update: Followup from PR Week. They’re also doing a print piece.

3 thoughts on “PR industry: “Our bad actions are Wikipedia’s fault.””

  1. “…Wikipedia to remove negative but true statements and editing Wikipedia to rapidly remove factual inaccuracies that harm reputation.”

    Removing all inaccurancies is impossible. One needs to be able according to the rules to VERIFY with sources. The English is more strict than others to be honest.

    Rules for Living persons are strict world wide.

    Companies and other organizations including Wikipedia itself is another story. Journalists make hundreds of verifiable sources within an hour to be used by thousands of Wikipedia editors, registered or anonymous.

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