The Wikipedia/Wikimedia Press Coverage Bingo Card.

Wikipedia is closed to edits now Encyclopedia Britannica is far superior to Wikipedia Knol will kill Wikipedia Wikipedia is public domain Google owns Wikipedia now
Administrators control all articles personally Wikipedia thinks Article X should be deleted Wikipedia is in cahoots with Google for page rank Wikipedia is a socialist conspiracy Yahoo owns Wikipedia now
All schools everywhere forbid Wikipedia Wikia is Wikipedia FREE SPEECH Jimmy Wales approves all Wikipedia articles personally Wikipedia Foundation UK
Wikipedia is a capitalist conspiracy Wikipedia runs Wikileaks Wikipedia is dying Andrew Orlowski will kill Wikipedia Wikipedia must run advertising or it will die
Wikipedia will destroy civilised writing Citizendium will kill Wikipedia Wikipedia contains errors! No-one should use it Microsoft Bing owns Wikipedia now Wikipedia is hiring editors

With the invaluable assistance of unnameable contributors from the communications committee. Wait until a media frenzy, take one shot per square. Fill the card and drain the bottle. Post further suggestions below.

4 thoughts on “The Wikipedia/Wikimedia Press Coverage Bingo Card.”

  1. Two and a half years, on this satire is still depressingly accurate, although hopefully nobody at all believes the Knol and Citizendium ones. To “Wikipedia Foundation UK” add “Wikipedia UK” or “Wikipedia UK Trustees”.

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