One thought on “How smart people fail to share.”

  1. Definitely not…

    You have to be there in person and somehow hold their attention, and have enough Authoritas and Gravitas to make them listen and get a dialogue going, to explain The Obvious.

    You can’t explain The Obvious “With references” because The Obvious isn’t complicated enough to require them and it only confuses the issue.

    The Obvious is always very simple, by definition, if someone doesn’t get it it’s because they don’t want to get it.

    Just propagandise the issue until it goes from Radical, to Common Wisdom… Then suddenly they’ll all Get It in droves.

    Ever seen a stampede of animals? First one gets agitated moves in one direction then wanders back to the herd, then moves again in the same direction… Soon others are following this repetitive ritual and then suddenly there’s a critical mass and the whole herd MOOOO!-VES!

    Humans aren’t rational, they just think they are… All we are are a bunch of social animals with high communication skills and lots of extelligence with a bit of intelligence trying to keep up.

    Get the herd moving right and it will stampede…


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