I’m doing science and I’m still alive.

I’ve been cleaning out the eMusic account: Martin Rev first album and Clouds Of Glory and Killing Joke 25th anniversary live album. Many years ago, I was in a failed band. I’d come home after hours of musical torture and want to hear an actual good record that was rock’n’roll but didn’t actually involve guitar, bass or drums. Clouds Of Glory is that record.

I have also been finding and playing every possible version of the Portal theme “Still Alive” after playing the Weebl and Bob version for Freda. (Spoileriffic ending fight.) Lyrics and chords, piano 1, piano 2 (mp3), cello, indie rock, EBM (mp3), NES, 8-bit, Japanese, Swedish, Engrish, YouTubeSports (hear his voicebox disintegrating), YouTube stereotype, by the songwriter (in concert), transcription (PDF).

Liz is playing the baby awful ’80s charity videos. Hear’n’Aid, oh dear God.

3 thoughts on “I’m doing science and I’m still alive.”

  1. OMG this is cool! I can’t believer you dedicated a whole blog to the song ‘Still Alive!’ AH THIS IS SOOOOO COOL!!! Um one favor though do you think you could find the notes for piano for this song?? uh thanks. :-)

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