Lisa McPherson Day picket against Scientology, Tottenham Court Road, Saturday 1st December, 1pm.

(I thought for some reason this was next Saturday, but apparently it really is tomorrow. I presume the weather will suck slightly less.)


In the closing years of the last millennium, a shadowy and powerful organisation operating under cover of religion attempted to silence criticism of itself on the Usenet™ bulletin board chatroom message network. The backlash from this event resonated forth as Internet Freedom Fighters sprung forth, goggles on and capes a-flutter, to defend their right to discuss and criticise the powerful in public.

Not many remember those dark days, before Xenu was fodder for children’s cartoon shows and surgery soap operas. But our re-enactors will be out in force. See them enturbulate™ the Scientologists! See the Scientologists with their E-Meters™, “stress-testing” random passers-by! See authentic living critics of Scientology singing silly songs through the Xenu Boom Box!

1pm, Tottenham Court Road Museum of Scientology, W1T 2EZ, next door to CEX near Goodge Street Station. Bring an umbrella.

(Lisa McPherson, my old Australian Critics of Scientology page and why I bothered.)

2 thoughts on “Lisa McPherson Day picket against Scientology, Tottenham Court Road, Saturday 1st December, 1pm.”

  1. How dare you criticize Xenu. The great lord who brought us to safety in those nice cool Jumbo Jets.

    Now the lord shall stalk you and make your life a living hell. (this is standard procedure for all scientology critics.)

    LOL… nice blog.

  2. Hi David,
    just come across your blog and I’m glad I did.
    If you have time please visit my website and read about what I’m doing. I’m trying to hit $cientology legally where it hurts and need as much support as possible.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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