Cleaning up your crap.

OTRS future burnouts habitués frequently declare that the sky is falling, particularly with regard to biographies of living people — they see nothing but the complaints. (The actual problem is likely not nearly as bad, though it still needs urgent attention.) To help, Messedrocker has compiled a list of ill-referenced living bios — you are heartily invited to dive in, reference or gut and cross another name off the list. (The list is in order of article creation — start at the end.) Then you can make a smug post with the title “Sourced, bitch.” and the content being just a list of diffs. Or just wreak havoc on a string of deserving deletables.

I’ve been doing lots of admin stuff this weekend. As a staunch defender of the value of fair use — to discuss something, quoting images is as necessary as quoting text — I’ve been having lots of fun lately going the hack on abuse of the excuse in contravention of policy and indeed copyright. The kids want their candy, and it’s my job and pleasure to take it away from them. And, don’t forget: you can replace any fair-use picture of a living person on English Wikipedia with Image:Replace this image1.svg and it’ll turn into a direct invitation to upload a genuine free content image they actually own themselves.

(I’ve also just unpacked twenty years’ photos and have been scanning and uploading my own replacement free images. If I can, you can.)

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  1. Feel free to post it all sorts of places ;-) I put it on various admin hangouts (admins tend to have long editing experiences and can hide revisions and other useful things), but of course everyone editing needs to know how to deal with living bios and can help.

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