Entertainment on the Blockchain with ICOs, over at Rocknerd

Today’s blockchain post is over at my music blog, Rocknerd — about Opus (streaming record distribution on the blockchain), Viberate (live music on the blockchain) and Kim Dotcom’s k.im (Dotcom being Dotcom on the blockchain). All of these have an ICO, of course, and two have convicted felons!

Hello, blockchain! IRS, Enigma hack, music, Brexit, boiler rooms

Let’s get a proper crypto blog going — the blog of the book — because yet another blog to run is just what I need …

(My commiserations to the cryptographers and cryptologists who read that fifth word and died a little inside. I’m afraid it’s becoming proper finance jargon. And even chlorine won’t clear it up.)

And Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain is now a college text.