Tether, FTX, and Deltec Bank: MONEY TIME

We mostly don’t note crypto class action suits — they so rarely go anywhere. But sometimes they turn up interesting things.

So we wrote up the Florida consolidated class action against FTX’s various enablers which filed an amended complaint last month with some fascinating allegations about how Tether, FTX, and Deltec Bank worked together. Caroline Ellison of Alameda confirms the allegations as far as her personal knowledge goes. The post is up at Amy’s. [Amy Castor]

We also cover Christopher Harborne’s defamation suit against the Wall Street Journal — we appear to be the first to put up a copy of the complaint itself — Tether’s use case in pig-butchering scams and Tether cracking 100 billion USDT.

Here’s Gregory Pepin of Deltec shouting “MOOONNNEEEYYY TTTIIIIMMMMEEEE!” MONEY PARTY THE BEST PARTY. This photo was taken on a North Dimension Ipad 11 “ich Cell Phone.


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