Crypto collapse: Sam Bankman-Fried goes to jail, SEC appeals Ripple ruling, Prime Trust bankrupt, the tangled tale of TrueUSD and Tron

“Let’s just do a quick one,” I said, “just 1000 words and we can post,” I said. 2400 words later, it’s over at Amy’s. [Amy Castor]

In this edition:

  • Sam Bankman-Fried is back in a cell.
  • The SEC asks permission to appeal the very dumb and bad Ripple ruling.
  • Prime Trust files for Chapter 11.
  • Who owns TrueUSD, who’s suing who.
  • Worldcoin falls afoul of data protection.
  • Richard Heart’s Hex falls to the SEC.
  • Another US bank fails — but it’s okay, it was just scammed!

We also highly recommend Kai Lentit’s visit to Web3 Berlin. [YouTube]


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