I filmed for 60 Minutes Australia for this Sunday evening

60 Minutes Australia is the most important current affairs show on Australian television. They’re putting together a segment on the crypto crash for Sunday evening, and I spent a morning filming with them.

Tom Steinfort interviewed me over Zoom — ‘cos Zoom is broadcast quality now. You know that framing where the talking head fills the entire screen, and they just clip the top of their head off? That one.

Tom asked me to run a couple of times through how suburban Australians are particular suckers for get rich schemes, so they might use that bit. I tried to speak as a suburban Australian myself.

We also did some arty atmosphere shots around Tower Bridge, a cheap and readily available visual indicator of London. Me walking down the footpath, me looking contemplatively over the Thames, closeups of my hands.

All of this footage might get cut to four soundbites. But it’ll be the right four soundbites.

Obviously, it’s not final until the day — and the crypto segment hasn’t been in the social media promotions yet this week. If a huge story drops, the segment might get bumped. But in the meantime, tell everyone you know in Australia to be watching Nine at 8:30pm on Sunday!

Update: looks like it got bumped. Bah! Maybe it’ll show up somewhere later …

Update 2: They ran it the following week, Sunday 5 June!


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2 Comments on “I filmed for 60 Minutes Australia for this Sunday evening”

    1. If it goes up! It hasn’t been advertised in their social media … some stories are the ones you drop at the last minute if you need to 😉

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