Stilgherrian: The 9pm Dumb Anarcho-Capitalist Blockchain Scams with David Gerard

“The following episode of The 9pm Edict contains strong language, financial crimes, and some sad truths about humanity.”



I recorded three podcasts in the past week, and this is the second to come out. Stilgherrian is an Australian tech journalist. We’ve followed each other’s stuff for a while now. Stil was delighted with both Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain and Libra Shrugged, and so his people* got in touch with my people** and arranged to record a podcast. [The 9pm Edict show notes]

* him
** me

We talk about what a bitcoin is, why a bitcoin is, Elon Musk, how Bitcoin mining works, bad excuses for Bitcoin’s CO2 production, why I wrote Attack and Libra Shrugged, what the hell Facebook was thinking with Libra, my music blog Rocknerd, NFTs, American health insurance, and how number goes up and down. And Chuck Tingle. 71 minutes total.



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2 Comments on “Stilgherrian: The 9pm Dumb Anarcho-Capitalist Blockchain Scams with David Gerard”

  1. You mentioned a book in the podcast that you relied on for your critiques of Austrian economics/anarcho-capitalism? Which book was that? Thanks!

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