Blockchain: Magic (Probably) Doesn’t Happen — Sam’s Class, 21 November 2020

Sam Bowne at City College of San Francisco runs classes on cryptography and computer security. [Samsclass] He’s a fan of my writing, so he asked me to speak to his class CNIT 141: Cryptography for Computer Networks. [course page]

I did a somewhat remixed version of “Blockchain: Magic (Probably) Doesn’t Happen” from a couple of years ago — with a bit more on the frauds and scams.

I start at the basics: what, actually, is a blockchain? How does it work? Because a lot of people who talk about blockchains just expect the audience to know … and they often don’t.

We had lots of good questions afterwards. If you’ve heard this talk before, the questions start around 34:20. Note my lovely Libra Shrugged Zoom background. [YouTube]

Sam’s put the slides up too. [Samsclass, PDF]




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