News: SEC vs crypto hedge fund, Garza sentenced, post-bubble office vacancies, EOS hack, ICOs sell off 238k ETH, David Chaum

The SEC’s still on a roll — Timothy Enneking of Crypto Asset Management LP, a “crypto hedge fund,” is busted for misrepresentations and registration failures — “falsely claiming that the fund was regulated by the SEC and had filed a registration statement with the agency.” Enneking will pay a $200,000 fine. Here’s the administrative order (PDF).

Josh Garza is sentenced to 21 months’ jail for the GAW cloud mining fraud — including Paycoin. But … what will we see him offering when he gets out in two years?

It turns out a bubble economy does not make for a stable customer base — there’s suddenly a pile of empty offices in Canary Wharf, as the price collapse takes hold.

Continuing in the grand tradition of Ethereum smart contracts, 333 ETH, the fourth most popular Ethereum dapp, is a Ponzi scheme — offering 3.33% returns daily. It appears not to pay out reliably, oddly enough.

Smart contracts on EOS work very like smart contracts on Ethereum — they’re buggy, and all thefts are final. Someone who read DEOS Games’ contract terms more closely than the programmers who wrote it scored 4728 EOS with repeated withdrawals.

ICOs are panic-selling their ether while it’s worth anything — they’ve sold 160,000 ETH in the past ten days, or 283,000 in the past 30 days. That’s three times what they sold off in August.

Breaker have an interview with Maria Bustillos of the Civil ICO for journalism on the blockchain. It’s all about the frankly implausible schemes for how Civil is supposed to work — and nothing about the flows of cash in the ICO, particularly those to Consensys. (ICOs are 0% about the unlikely future, and 100% about the flows of cash.) But the revelation that she’s an early Bitcoiner explains the sort of thinking that makes her claim that me quoting Civil’s own web site constituted “willful misrepresentations.”

Renowned cryptographer and cryptocurrency pioneer David Chaum appears to be starting an ICO — for what is apparently Chaum’s “private and scalable blockchain” startup, MixxLabs.

The Coinsbank Crypto Cruise featured a debate between Jimmy Song and Roger Ver — and they started fighting 37 seconds in. The forthcoming Laurie Penny piece should be a blinder.



Matthew Davies has written a good blog post summarising the Motion to Dismiss in the Tezos ICO litigation.

Digging into Browser-based Crypto Mining. “We identify and classify mining websites on a large corpus of websites and present a new fingerprinting method which finds up to a factor of 5.7 more miners than publicly available block lists.”

Bitcoin futures get a lot of headlines for novelty value, but they’re … not that big, in the scheme of things? e.g., CME futures on SOFR — the US Federal Reserve Bank’s preferred alternative to the LIBOR benchmark — get less headlines, but are vastly higher volume.

I’m shocked, shocked to hear that the HitBTC bitcoin exchange suddenly wants more know-your-customer information when you want to withdraw your coins.

Not all bitcoiners rant about international banker conspiracies, honest!



Aaron Stanley — Have We Reached ‘Peak Blockchain Conference’ Yet? Sponsors are pulling out. Even during the bubble, quite a few conferences expected speakers to pay their own way there. For “exposure.”

What’s the qualification to speak at a crypto conference? If you’re Michelle Mone, it’s having your ICO fail utterly.



If you’ve ever suffered the joys of the XRP pump’n’dump fan club on Twitter — 40% of followers of @XRPTrump, the largest XRP-promoting account, are bots.

Not crypto — but is the Twitter you always wanted — just your timeline, in reverse order. It’s a shortcut for the search “filter:follows -filter:replies”.


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