My new house! Moving this week, service will be spotty

We have the house! I’ve handed over a chunk of my hodling of the disreputable minor coin GBP, got the keys and we’re moving in over the coming week.

So long-form pieces are likely to be thin on the ground, and I’m not sure when we’ll have good Internet there … but I’ll probably continue to tweet 16 hours a day.

(I hope to get fibre at the new place — this will make video from home more feasible. I doubt I’ll start podcasting, but it’ll make appearing on everyone else’s shows vastly more convenient.)

In the meantime, I’m on this week’s BBC Tech Tent, debating with Chris Shake who is selling art for cryptos at The House Of Fine Art — he thinks he’s got a market in big hodlers who are short of things to spend their coins on. He may well do! Our bit’s 10:06 on.



I must remember — when Rory says “smile!” … don’t.


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