How To Launch A Successful ICO, 14 June 2018 — with me on the panel

We did this event this afternoon — “How To Launch A Successful ICO,” presented by TopLine Comms as part of London Tech Week.

The three panelists — all called David — basically agreed: running an ICO is issuing a security, so get your regulatory ducks in a row, or else. Mostly the talk was of compliance, compliance, compliance.

(One questioner at the end detailed how he didn’t think the SEC was applying the Howey test correctly to ICO tokens. We said he could argue the toss with the SEC, but we didn’t like his chances.)



TopLine Comms are a PR company who’ve been approached by crypto startups and people seeking to run ICOs. They discovered there was nothing out there on how to do ICO promotion well, so they put together this event. They’ve also done a report, which they’ll be uploading soon.

The target audience was businesses looking to raise funding; we got a lot of those, people already running ICOs, and people curious about ICOs and all the blockchain hype.

The speakers were:

  • David White from Keybox;
  • Davide Vicini from Maveric SA;
  • me, being more positive about the possibility of doing this sort of thing in a non-fraudulent manner than you might have expected from the ICO section in the book.

Someone from Keybox got a video stream of the first 63 minutes (cuts off during the question period) — not terrible for a phone recording! Intro, then panelists from 7:07. My bit starts 12:58. I uploaded it to YouTube (below), for your comfort and convenience.

I also discovered just how digital money is these days — I tried to buy a Coke at the bar with a £10 note at 3:30pm … and they couldn’t make change for it, and I had to use my card.



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