News: Krebs on CoinHive, Ledger hardware hack, regulators vs ICOs, Sierra Leone, RIP Mavrodi, JPMorgan, RokoCoin

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(Admittedly I was quoting Sky News … but nevertheless!)

  • Brian Krebs (Krebs on Security) delves into who in fact are CoinHive? In case you were wondering why CoinHive seem strangely unable to control use of their code for malware: “Coinhive keeps 30 percent of whatever amount of Monero cryptocurrency that is mined using its code, whether or not a Web site has given consent to run it.” But when CoinHive does invalidate a spammer’s key, the mining doesn’t stop — “Coinhive keeps 100 percent of the cryptocurrency mined by sites tied to that account from then on.” Tracing who actually runs CoinHive is also interesting.
  • It’s not just the SEC — the individual states’ regulators are also coming after crypto scams in the US. (Remember that it was the Texas State Securities Board that took down Bitconnect.)


  • Sierra Leone emphasises: Agora straight-up lied about having any involvement in the Sierra Leone election, and CoinDesk ran Agora’s completely false claims of involvement without, it’s clear, the slightest checking.
  • In the steps of Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud starts waving blockchains around. (No actual details over the lack of detail in Bloomberg’s similar 2016 story.) The king of the space, Amazon, just lets “partners” take care of this tickbox item.




  • I wonder how the ICO will do on the Howey test for being a security. Perhaps Dan Larimer was just joking.



  • RokoCoin® will ICO under a simple premise: in exchange for a modest fraction of a Bitcoin, investors will receive one RokoCoin®. The Bitcoin will be used to fund research into Friendly Artificial Intelligence: friendly to those who possess a RokoCoin®.





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