News: IBM Blockchain, Sergei Mavrodi, carders hate Bitcoin, blockchain use cases, market manipulations

  • This Bloomberg article on IBM’s Blockchain(tm) efforts is a complete puff piece, but it does underscore IBM’s purpose in selling you Blockchain(tm) — to sell other stuff to you. (I’ve also been told in detail about how hard Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain salespeople try to sell you Sharepoint.) It is not philosophically impossible that there will one day be an IBM Blockchain(tm) instance that is profitable to anyone other than IBM …
  • Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain. This article has two inaccuracies: it’s only been eight years, and transactions haven’t been four cents since before the transaction clog started in 2015. Apart from that, it’s absolutely spot-on. “In conversations with bitcoin entrepreneurs and investors and consultants, there was often a lack of knowledge or even interest in how the jobs were being done today or what the value to the end user was.” Eight years in, it’s entirely reasonable to ask: “where’s the beef?”
  • From “Bitfinexed”: Meet ‘Picasso’, the Painter on GDAX. “The name ‘Picasso’ is because he’s essentially, painting the charts for Bitcoin however he damn well pleases. This is why I believe TA is pointless with Bitcoin, and crypto-currencies in general.”
  • “Bitfinexed” also links this claimed narrative of the most recent Bitcoin bubble and crash. “The 12 million dollar and 13 million dollar spoofs are how you tell the bottom. The entire market is a single group of traders, and it dies with them.” The price of cryptos is entirely made of manipulation.
  • Well, this was a pleasant surprise! And certainly didn’t hurt sales any:



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  • And now, the weather:


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