News: NiceHash pay out, smart contracts, Australian banks, Coinbase vs Ripple, Meltdown vs cryptos, Dungeon World

  • I have a report (no link, sorry) that NiceHash actually paid out to a home crypto miner! This was using the new Direct-to-Coinbase option, the miner then transferred it to GDAX (Coinbase’s trading platform) no problem. So that’s good! Though they’ve now added a fee to transfer to the NiceHash wallet. Just don’t have a NiceHash mining accident
  • The “Why you can’t cash out” series was quoted at length by Frank Chung of (and reprinted in various Murdoch papers in Australia), talking about Australian bitcoiners having trouble with their banks. I must note that if “Bitcoin Babe” has actually been rejected by thirty different banks, the problem might not be with the banks.
  • The whole world of computer security is on fire. As a sysadmin by day, I can assure you that YES, EVERYTHING IS HORRIFYINGLY BROKEN, and we’re panicking with excellent reason. (The official solution from CERT is “get a new computer that isn’t broken garbage.”) And stuff running on AWS and so forth — which is lots of stuff — is particularly affected. This doesn’t affect crypto directly, but it sure does tangentially:





  • Me on Bitcoin, 2011: “its main function is as a pump-and-dump scheme wherein early adopters — who have more bitcoins than anyone else ever will — hype it up so they can offload their bitcoins onto fools who think they’ll strike it rich as speculators.” Good thing it’s completely different now.

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